Exchange meeting between COMPLANT, SEDC and our company

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In the afternoon of October 25th, General manager Mr. Xiang Xinglin and relevant staff of international branch have a friendly communication and discussion with China national complete plant import & export corporation limited, Sichuan electric power design & consulting Co.,Ltd about delevopment and cooperation in South Asian power market, and reached a preliminary agreement about pre-cooperation mode.

First of all, General manager Mr. Xiang made a speech to welcome the visiters. Then the participant of three companies were brifety introduced their own, analysis their own advantages and disadvantages. The three companies believed  they can work together to develop the South Asian power market. At mean time, they  discussed the possible difficulties will be met during the development, and gave their sugestions.  

Through this communication, the three companies expressed their intention to have long-term cooperation. Hope that we can take the specific project as chance to have a further cooperation, get along, share resources, complement each other, open up the South Asian market as soon as possible, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.