The company successfully held the 2017 annual production summary meeting

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In July 28, 2017, the company successfully held in Mount Emei Qiliping The Springs Hotel 2017 annual production summary. Chairman Zhong Yinggui, general manager of Xiang Xinglin and the leadership of the company; the Department responsible person; branch (sub) person in charge of the company; and, directly under the branch, in the international cooperation project manager; offices, entity in charge of the unit and relevant personnel a total of more than 230 people.

Chairman Zhong Yinggui's closing speech

At 9 a.m., the 2017 annual meeting of direct and international projects, the annual summary meeting of the 2017 branch, and the summary meeting of the 2017 project were held at the same time in three venues. The project management department is responsible for Zhang Xiong, the international engineering department responsible person Ji Zhongyun, branch management department, project management Lingjie Hou co director Li Jun respectively on the production of the 2017 annual summary, and put forward the next step work requirements.

Jiang Hao, project manager Chen Rui, international project accounting Li Siying, He Yongfan, manager of the first branch company, and the project contractor of the joint venture, respectively, exchanged experience.

Project management office responsible for Tao and the international project to explain directly under the section performance evaluation case, let all of the project manager has a more profound understanding of the company last year's "project cost management measures" section effect; branch management department within the association of Engineering Management Department Tang Jie, Gao Changsheng respectively "project cost. Effective management measures" of each branch company and assist project manager; financial department responsible person Zhang Yongyun, director Chen Hua of each branch and co project manager on project cost verification operation. After the 2017 annual production summary, each branch and the project will implement the "project cost efficiency management method", "project management after verification".

At 14 p.m., the 2017 annual production meeting will be held on time, and the meeting will be presided over by chief engineer Huang Zhongliang.

In accordance with the meeting process, first of all, by the deputy general manager Xu Wei on the production of the year 2017 summary, the shortcomings of the analysis, the achievements affirmed. The quality of technical director Chen Liang, financial department director Zhang Yongyun, the financial management of confrontation were summarized; the project management office is responsible for the 2017 edition of "Tao on project cost management measures" section effect, the management approach is the company after one year trial, in the summary and analysis based on the results of the trial. The modification and optimization, will be more suitable for project management. Subsequently, Homulan, director of the platform management department, introduced the ideas of the company, material and machine platform in combination with the project cost effectiveness process.

The plate up after general manager Xiang Xinglin made an important speech, according to "project cost management five steps are explained in detail through project planning, resource organization, process control, operation results summary and comparison with the corresponding accounting control order, platform management, monthly assessment, assessment, completion section performance evaluation. Hope that the company related units deeply understand the essence of the management method, and in the project management really good, for the company in the future project management play a guiding role.

At the end of the conference, chairman Zhong Yinggui delivered the closing speech, Zhong Dong pointed out that we should establish the par consciousness, Master consciousness and crisis consciousness. In the current industry economic situation is more severe situation, we should have a sense of crisis; we need to encourage each other to "one law" with a good line Tongren learning, enhance the learning consciousness, strengthen the Execution; play the artisan spirit in the work, to work toward the direction of the development of the fine management. At the same time, we should maintain three "red" stars: Wisdom star, brave star, positive energy star.

At 17:30, the 2017 annual production meeting will be concluded successfully. The Sichuan will give more high spirited enterprising work for the spirit of implementing the decisions of the conference, to ensure that the target firm and indomitable tenacious style 2017 annual work fully implemented and make more contribution to compose a new chapter to sichuan!