Deeply sum up "one law and one regulation" and use "five step rule" to carry out project management

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In July 28th, the company successfully held the 2017 annual production summary meeting, the general manager Xiang Xinglin made an important speech, focusing on the relevant requirements of the company's engineering management.

In order to carry out the five steps of project cost management, the author hopes that every subordinate company can understand its management method and Execute it in the process of project management.

The first step: project planning, that is, control objectives issued. It includes the cost, quality, safety, schedule and benefit index of the project.

The second step: resource organization, that is platform management. Is the company of people, material, machine and manpower management platform three, also includes the "two factors" and "law", the so-called "ring" refers to the external environmental factors, local coordination, crop compensation; the so-called "law" refers to the organization, the proper methods, can play a multiplier effect.

The third step: process management, that is, monthly assessment. Take cost as the center, plan and actual contrast, monthly accounting, timely verification.

The fourth step is to summarize the results, that is, completion assessment. For completion of inspection from the cost, quality, safety, schedule, savings of several aspects.

The fifth step: comparative accounting, that is, Festival effect assessment. According to the cost and savings, to correct the deviation place after that, the final review and exchange.

To the total emphasis again, the future project management strictly in accordance with the implementation of the idea, submit corresponding reports and data for each project assessment. At the same time, the project management department and the information management department need to adjust the related work after the meeting, make the relevant statistical data clear and accurate, and play a reference role for the development decision of the company.

Finally, to hope to fully implement the company "," deepening "the five step principle, work with concerted efforts, carry forward the" four "spirit, efforts to complete the 2017 nine tasks and two indicators, and then send the brilliant cast of sichuan.