Puping 220 kV Switchyard

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Puping 220 kV Switchyard is located at Nawang Village, Qianxiang Street, Anlong County, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, and the area has good traffic conditions. The Extension Project for Puping 220 kV Switchyard has construction scale of: 1. Capacity of main transformer: final capacity of 2×150 MVA, 1×150 MVA in this phase; 2. 220 kV part: this phase only covers the extension for 220 kV outdoor GIS power distribution unit and 1 incoming line bay of 2# main transformer; 3. 110 kV part: this phase covers the extension for 1 incoming line bay of 2# main transformer, 2 bays of PT, 1 busbar bay, and 4 in 10 final outgoing line bays (6 bays reserved); 4. 10kV reactive compensation: low voltage capacitor: final power: 2×3×10 Mvar; 1×3×10 Mvar in this phase; low voltage reactor: final power: 2×2×10 Mvar, 1×1×10 Mvar in this phase.