Dakar-90 kV Power Distribution Network Project

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Senagal is the country where SPTTC’s first overseas branch is located.

The Senagal project, on which SPTTC and the prime contractor, CMEC/Sinomach, cooperated for the first time, won high praise from the owner SENELEC and CMEC/Sinomach, which built a sound foundation for SPTTC’s further market development in West Africa and an increased cooperation with CMEC.

Project Name

le projet de La Boucle 90kV de Dakar (le projet de Réseau de Distribution de Courant Electrique de 90 KV de Dakar)

Dakar 90 kV Power Distribution Network Project

Project DescriptionConstruction of four substations and interconnection of the four substations with double-circuit 90 kV buried cables with a total route length of 27km.